As you scroll down, think about this cruise one step at a time and let your excitement build.

First… it's one thing to go on a great cruise…especially in May - the best cruising time of the year…


Second… it's something else again to re-trace the trans-Atlantic crossing of so many of our immigrant ancestors from London to New York City on the classic Queen Mary 2…


Third… it's still another thing to hang out for a couple of days on each end of the cruise, attending the theatre and seeing the sights in both London and NYC, arguably the two greatest cities in the world…


Fourth… it's even beyond that to do it all with Richard and Linda Eyre who were mission presidents in London and long ago a young missionary in New York City…


And fifth… it's something still better to spend the morning of each sea day on the Atlantic in interactive sessions with the Eyres—pondering ideas, strategies and priorities for the Autumn of your Life—for the next 20 years—brainstorming about how to create a LIFE IN FULL—full of adventure, full of contribution, full of family, full of proactive grandparenting—learning the skills and specifics on how to make the golden years the best season of our lives. (See below for the daily program of interactive discussions)

You will return home refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to live your own LIFE IN FULL!

May 4 - 15, 2017
Day Date
Thursday, May 4 Depart USA
Friday, May 5 Arrive London, balance of day free. (Consider attending a musical or play with the Eyres)
Saturday, May 6 London city tour
Sunday, May 7 Free day in London
Monday, May 8 Transfer to Southhampton
May 8 - 15 Board Queen Mary 2, trans-Atlantic cruise to New York
Monday, May 15 Morning arrival in NYC
Option to return home or extend your stay in New York City
What is included:

  • LONDON: three nights at the Millennium Hotel Mayfair, a first class hotel with breakfast daily

  • London city tour

  • Transfer from Airport to London Hotel

  • Transfer from London to Southampton to board Queen Mary 2

  • LONDON to NEW YORK CITY cruise interior stateroom. Upgrades available upon request.

  • Six brilliant seminar sessions on "LIFE IN FULL" with the Eyres (see below)

  • All meals aboard the cruise

  • All current & applicable taxes & fees

  • Anything not mentioned above is not included in the package price (airport to hotel transfers additional)

Also included is a copy of each of the Eyres four newest books, all of which are aimed at Baby Boomers and which become the texts of this once in a lifetime LIFE IN FULL seminar series that is aimed at helping each of us maximize our longevity and our legacy. You will receive your personalized and signed copies of all four books well before the cruise. See below for seminar details.

Further detail on the LIFE IN FULL seminar discussions with the Eyres:

Each cruiser will receive the Eyres four latest books two months before sailing and will be able to come aboard with some background and inputs and questions about what will be discussed. Most of you know of Richard and Linda—New York Times #1 bestselling authors whose books have sold in the millions and been translated into more than a dozen languages.


The Eyres have presented to audiences in more than 50 countries—on Parenting, Life-Balance, Marriage and other family and time management topics. You have probably seen them on major TV shows from Oprah to the Today Show or in the regular family segments they once did on CBS This Morning.

But Richard and Linda’s current interest and passion is working with Baby Boomers on strategizing and planning their next 20 years. “65 is the new 45” says Linda, "and we all need a plan to maximize our next two decades, and it needs to include our health, our wealth, our bucket lists, and our grandchildren."

"The best way to come up with this 'Senior Strategy'" says Richard, "is to spend some concentrated brainstorming time with a group of thoughtful peers who are working on the same thing, and to get ideas from each other."

During the Atlantic crossing, the Eyres will lead interactive discussions on topics like:

"'Over the hill' and other outdated clichés"
"How old do you want to live and why?"
"Protecting your health and your wealth."
"The magical word "YET": Why there is still time to do it all."
"Forming a bucket list that makes sense—and that makes contributions."
"Proactive Grandparenting with its joys and its cautions."
"Falling in Love again."

All of the Eyre’s latest four books are targeted at those of us in our 50s, 60s and 70s; and these books (which everyone will receive before the cruise) will serve as the texts and resources for the cruise discussions and will provide the "take-home" value that will allow this LIFE IN FULL cruise to bring about permanent rather than temporary changes in how we live and how much we enjoy it.

Interactive seminars will be held on ship every morning, leaving the afternoons for reflection and recreation.

Cruise Morning One: Introduction to LIFE IN FULL and discussion of the "7 Key Questions:"

  1. How long do you want to live? (Because the number of years you want will likely be a factor in how many you have)
  2. Who do you want to spend those years with (Because the people who matter most should get the most time)
  3. How do you want to look and feel? (Because you have more control over both than you think)
  4. How much money will you will need? (Because though it is not an end, it is a means)
  5. What do you want to keep and what do you want to start (Because that will determine what you discard and what you stop)
  6. Which God do you believe in and which Self do you want to be? (Because both will influence each of the other 6 decisions)
  7. What, and more importantly, who will your legacy be? (Because with that choice will come purpose and joy)

Cruise Morning Two: Maximizing Your Longevity and Your Legacy

  • Eighty Million Baby Boomers—some facts
  • Is 65 the new 45?
  • Correcting some bad metaphors about aging
  • From handicaps to senior discounts to medical miracles
  • Subdividing life and categorizing goals
  • Two models for longevity goals
  • Starting your Ten Folders

Cruise Morning Three: "THE INNER" by our life stage, most of us have realized that it's the stuff INSIDE of your home and INSIDE of your family that really matters.

  • "Turning the Hearts" and the world we live in
  • Empty Nest Parenting
  • Falling in Love Again (with the same person)
  • The Glory of Grandparenting
  • Siblings, cousins and extended families
  • Reconciliation
  • LifeBalance and what it means now

Cruise Morning Four: "THE OUTER" The parts of our life that happen outside of our home and family become the support mechanisms for our goals.

  • Finances and investments and the concept of "enough."
  • Finding a cause (or remembering one)
  • Contrasting models for work and retirement
  • Will our generation save the world?
  • Why attitude matters, why gratitude matters

Cruise Morning Five: "THE INNER-INNER" Ultimately, it's not what we do or say that counts, it's what we become. Who you are inside yourself is the key to all else.

  • Breaking some habits and forming some others
  • Health as the “make or break”
  • Diet, discipline, and the wonder of appetites
  • Character and the BF program
  • Writing your legacy
  • The part that faith plays

Cruise Morning Six: Putting it All Together How will you change your life when you get home?

Five Key Skills for Autumn:

  1. Relaxation and Rejuvenation _____
  2. Reflection and Recollection_____
  3. Relationships and Reconciliation_____
  4. Repentance and Restitution_____
  5. Re-Invention and Re-Creating_____

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Rate: from $2,899 per person based upon double occupancy. Single rates available.

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Airfare and New York airport transfers are additional.

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Rates are per person based on 2 sharing one room. Rates for 1 person in a room are available upon request.


$200 per person plus cruise deposit which varies by stateroom category


Final payment is due January 30, 2017.


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  • Cancellations on or before January 30: No cancellation fees apply
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